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watermelon lemonade cocktail

Summer Sweet Watermelon Lemonade Cocktail

Notes: Watermelon juice can be made by blending watermelon in a food processor or blender. Be sure to cover the top of your processor or blender with a towel. To keep the juices from making a mess when you turn on your machine. Add cucumber for a twist on this […]

Blackberry Agave Champagne Cocktail

This blackberry sweet & bubbly cocktail makes for a great drink on a warm sunny spring day. Not to mention great for sipping on while reading in your garden enjoying the weather before it gets to hot.

Southern Sweet Tea Cocktail

“Southern Tea” was invented by poet and author by day, mixologist by night Derek M.A. Alexander. He was inspired by his trip to Atlanta in the great state of Georgia, where he took his first sip of Peach Tea and loved it! It is the southern answer to the “Long […]